Figure 49

Metasoma, dorsal view: H. fervida ♂. Scale 1 mm.

Length 4–7 mm.

The female and the male are entirely differently coloured. The female is mainly shiny red-purple, but the legs, mesopleuron, metanotum, propodeum, lower part of head and lateral corners of pronotum are blue. The male is entirely green or blue-green, sometimes with golden reflections or a completely golden metasoma. The colouration of the male is similar to H. metallica, but the punctation of the tergites is denser and coarser (Fig. 49) and the antennal segments are shorter (Fig. 51).


Denmark. Very rare. Only two records are known from the island of Lolland (1 ♀, Bremersvold, 20.VII.1904, and 1 ♀, Røgebølle, 5.VII.1912, both leg. L. Jørgensen).

West Palearctic: Europe, northern Africa, Turkey, Iran (Kimsey and Bohart 1991, Rosa et al. 2013).

Be aware that the records present in the GBIF map may be misleading for some countries due to unrevised data sets or missing information.

GBIF Taxon: Holopyga fervida (Fabricius, 1781)


Habitat: sparsely vegetated sandy areas, loess and clay banks (Kusdas 1956, Hoop 1971, Kunz 1994). Adults visit flowers of Apiaceae, Asteraceae and Euphorbiaceae (Heinrich 1964, Hoop 1971, Linsenmaier 1997, Rosa 2004).

Flight period: June to August.

Host: unknown.