This taxon was raised to generic rank by Kimsey and Bohart (1991). It is characterised by the structure and punctation of the mesosoma: the large punctures are clumped posteriorly between the notauli on the mesoscutum (Fig. 27), and the lateroventral margin of the mesopleuron is strongly projecting ventrally, forming a sharp angle in lateral view (Fig. 28). The posterior margin of T3 is usually deeply notched medially (Figs 31, 32). Pseudomalus is a Holarctic genus with approximately 40 recognised species (Kimsey and Bohart 1991). The larvae are parasitoids of crabronid wasps of the subfamily Pemphredoninae. The European fauna consists of ten species (Rosa and Soon 2012), of which four have been found in the Nordic and Baltic countries (Paukkunen et al. 2014).