This taxon has been treated as a subgenus of Euchroeus Latreille or Spinolia Dahlbom by some authors (Linsenmaier 1959, Morgan 1984, Arens 2014). We follow the classification of Kimsey and Bohart (1991) and regard it as a distinct genus. Characteristic morphological features include the broadly open marginal cell (Fig. 9), the edentate T3, the deep and subdivided depression laterally on the pronotum, and the elongate transverse frontal carina connecting the compound eyes. Members of the genus parasitise solitary vespids of the subfamily Eumeninae (e.g. Odynerus Latreille). Approximately 15 species are recognised worldwide, most of which occur in the Palearctic Region, particularly in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region (Kimsey and Bohart 1991). The European fauna consists of eight species (Rosa and Soon 2012), and one, P. neglecta, is found in the Nordic and Baltic countries (Paukkunen et al. 2014).