The Migratory Locust is not native to Norway, but has been recorded a few times as migrant. The species is significantly larger than any other Norwegian species of ground hopper, and is greyish brown to green with very long, dark mottled wings.

The species appears in two forms, or phases, which differ both morphologically and behaviourally: a solitary form and a gregarious form. The solitary form behaves much like a regular grasshopper; it is usually low in number and does not move far from its place of origin. Under favourable conditions, the species may increase in numbers, and at a point the nymphs may develop into the gregarious form. The individuals of the gregarious form aggregate to form large swarms, which may migrate over long distances and do great damage to natural vegetation and crops. Such swarms have occasionally reached Northern Europe, and specimens encountered at our latitude are usually of the gregarious form.

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