Onychocamptus mohammed is recently found in Northern Norway in both brackish- and freshwater and is characterized by the caudal ramus, which is narrow.

Key characteristics

Onychocamptus mohammed has a body which tapers gradually towards the end, and with almost no distinction between the prosome and the urosome. The exopod and endopod in the first leg is 2-segmented, and the endopod is especially long. The legs 2–4 are much alike and the endopods are all 2-segmented. The fifth leg is broad. The antennule consists of five segments. In males, the endopod in the third leg is 3-segmented.

Female: Length 0.71–0.82 mm

Male: Length 0.68–0.70 mm

Ecology and distribution

In Norway Onychocamptus mohammed is found in the river delta of Storfjord, which is a brackish water habitat, situated 2 m a.s.l. In general it is known as a cosmopolite, widely distributed in Palearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical, Oriental, Afrotropical, Middle Eastern and Australasian zoogeographical regions. It is found both in brackish and fresh waters, as well as in muddy and detritus sediments.