Shell description

The thin shell is partly external with a smooth surface and a transparent colour. The shell is globose and the opening is wide and large. The shell is umbilicated. The size of the shell varies between 2.4–2.6 mm.

Animal description

The body is white, the head shield becomes narrower towards the hind of the animal and does not have a middle line, and the foot is large and reaches beyond the shell.


The radula consists of three outer lateral teeth and one inner lateral tooth on each side. It is uncertain if a central (rachidian) tooth is present. The gizzard is not surrounded by strong muscles and lack gizzard plates. The male reproductive system consists of two distinct parts, a tube like penis chamber and a short broad prostate.


Found at depths between 55–219 m.

Geographical distribution

Only known from Norway, in Lofoten, North Western Norway, the Oslofjord, and the Bergen area.


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