: Chrysis parabrevitarsis.

Chrysis parabrevitarsis is a rare species found in forest margins, clearings with sun-exposed dead wood. In Norway, the only record is from sand dunes in the south. The hosts are Eumeninae of the genus Euodynerus. This is one of the largest Chrysis-species. C. parabrevitarsis is characterised by the two spores on the middle tibiae which are of the same length. Chrysis parabrevitarsis is recently described based on cuticular hydrocarbone profiles which differs from the sibling species C. pseudobrevitarsis (Soon et al. 2021). Both species occur in the Nordic countries. This description covers both species. 

Chrysis parabrevitarsis Soon et al. 2021
Creative Commons Attribution | Juho Paukkunen | Alexander Berg | Villu Soon | Frode Ødegaard | Paolo Rosa | NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet | Norsk institutt for naturforskning
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