In the Norwegian Red List of Ecosystems 2018, 258 ecosystem types are assessed. Of these, 123 are on the Red List and 74 are assessed as threatened.

Of the assessed ecosystem types, 135 (52 %) are assessed as Least Concern LC. In other words, they have a small or negligible risk of collapse. No ecosystems types have collapsed in Norway during the assessment period of 50 years, but approximately 29 % are assessed as threatened.

The red-listed ecosystem types are assigned to one of the following categories: Collapsed CO, Critically Endangered CR, Endangered EN, Vulnerable VU, Near Threatened NT or Data Deficient DD. Threatened ecosystem types are those assigned to the categories CR, EN or VU. These ecosystem types have a high to extremely high risk of disappearing, in Norway, if the prevailing conditions persist. Ecosystem types that are assessed as Least Concern LC are not on the Red List.

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Number of red-listed ecosystem types

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