The area assessed for the Red List of Ecosystem Types comprises all Norwegian territory in the northern hemisphere. Separate assessments have been carried out for the High Arctic (Svalbard).

Norway is defined in this context as:

  • The Norwegian mainland and adjacent islands
  • Maritime waters off the Norwegian mainland: Norwegian territorial waters i.e. the sea within the territorial border and the Norwegian economic zone of 200 nautical miles
  • Svalbard: Spitsbergen and the surrounding islands, as well as Bjørnøya (Bear Island) and the island of Hopen
  • Fishery Protection Zone around Svalbard (200 nautical miles)
  • Jan Mayen
  • Fishery Protection Zone around Jan Mayen (200 nautical miles)

For the High Arctic (Svalbard), separate assessments have been carried out for all ecosystem types within the natural system (with the exception of the deep sea areas). Where landforms and freshwater ecosystems are concerned, separate assessments for Svalbard have not been made.