An assessment of the knowledge status for species groups shows that knowledge of taxonomy, distribution and ecology is still inadequate for many of the assessed species groups. The knowledge of the distribution of species is particularly poor.

The level of knowledge about taxonomy, distribution and ecology has been identified for the majority of the assessed organism groups.

Poor knowledge of species distribution

A comparison of the three parameters – taxonomy, distribution and ecology, shows that the knowledge level is particularly poor for species distribution and that taxonomy and ecology are also poorly known for a large proportion of the species groups.

Taxonomic knowledge is poor or deficient (Category 0 – 2) for 22 % of the groups and ecological knowledge for 34 % of the groups. Furthermore, there is very poor or deficient knowledge about distribution for 48 % of the assessed groups.

The knowledge of species distribution is assessed as good (Category 4), or certain (Category 5,) for 22 % of the assessed groups, and the knowledge of ecology is assessed as good or certain for 28 %. Taxonomic knowledge is good or certain for 48 % of the groups.

The number of groups in each category 0 – 5 for taxonomy, distribution and ecology parameters: no knowledge (0), very poor knowledge (1), poor knowledge (2), acceptable knowledge (3), good knowledge (4) and certain knowledge (5). Only species groups with assessments for all three parameters are included (number of groups = 1864).