Number of species in each risk category

Number of species assessed as no known risk NK, low impact LO, potentially high impact PH, high impact HI or severe impact SE on mainland Norway with maritime waters

Distribution on risk category of different species groups

Number of species distributed on the risk categories no known risk NK, low risk LO, potentially high risk PH, high risk HI and very high risk SE for the species groups of mammals, fungi, insects and vascular plants.

Category changes since 2012

The number of species, divided into different species groups, which have gone up or down in a risk category. Species groups with no change not included.

How biodiversity is affected, shown by the nine criterias

Number of alien  species in criteria A-C (invation potential) and D-I (Ecological effect). 

Dispersal of alien species

Proportion of alien species spread throug respectively escape (44 %), natural dispersal (6 %), stowaway (15 %), contamination (29 %) and release (6 %).