Thallus areolate, up to 5 cm diam.; hypothallus thin, black, partly absent; areolae poorly developed, plane or weakly convex, forming a thin, granular, continuous crust, pale brown or pale gray, dull, epruinose; medulla KI–. – Apothecia up to 0.5 mm diam., black, epruinose, orbicular, plane to weakly convex, with a persistent margin; excipulum dark olivaceous brown in the rim, pale to colourless in inner part, containing scattered crystals dissolving in K, K–; hypothecium medium brown, K–; hymenium colourless, not containing crystals; epihymenium olivaceous brown, K–; ascospores 8 per ascus, eumuriform, persistently colourless, 31–39 × 14–17 µm. – Conidiomata not seen.


No lichen substances.


On siliceous rock.


A poorly known species, mainly characterized by colourless, eumuriform ascospores, small apothecia, and a thin, granular thallus.