Figure 50

Metasoma, dorsal view: H. metallica ♂. Scale 1 mm.

Length 5–6 mm.

The female is entirely blue or blue-green with golden green reflections on the pronotum, mesoscutum and metasoma. The male is golden green with blue on the metanotum and propodeum. Both sexes resemble the male of H. fervida in colouration, but the punctation of the tergites is finer and sparser (Fig. 50), and the antennal segments are longer in the male (Fig. 52).


Finland. Rare.

West Palearctic: only known from Finland and Russian Fennoscandia (Paukkunen et al. 2014).


Habitat: sparsely vegetated coastal dune areas. Most of the specimens have been collected by sweep nets from grasses and by yellow pan traps.

Flight period: June to July.

Host: Dryudella stigma (Panzer) (Crabronidae) (according to E. Valkeila’s notes).