Key facts

Length up to 8 cm, width up to 7 mm. Body shape extremely flexible during locomotion (swims with swift, undulating movements when disturbed), but on the whole somewhat dorsoventrally flattened. Anterior end tapering to a pointed nose, posterior end broadly rounded (almost truncate), ending in a small, translucent cirrus (easily lost). Basic colour ranging from rich pink to peach with a pale, velvety lustre; fading to whitish at tip of head and along lateral margins. Dorsal side somewhat paler than ventral side. Head flattened, eyeless, with relatively short and shallow lateral slits of same colour as surrounding skin. Mouth small and circular, located ventrally at level of posterior end of lateral slits. Brain situated above mouth, barely discernible through body wall. Strongly associated with clay bottoms at a depth of c. 40 m. Dioecious species, sexually mature individuals found during the summer.