The Species Observations reporting system is Norway’s largest collective effort by volunteers to provide scientific and management information.This crowdsourcing provide a tremendous contribution to increase our knowledge of species distribution in Norway.

The reporting system is operated by the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre in collaboration with SABIMA (the Norwegian Biodiversity Network) and the following SABIMA member organizations (Norwegian home pages unless noted):

The groups collectively provide about 150 people who check the quality and accuracy of the sightings reported to the system.

Help with red- and black-listed species

The 2015 Norwegian Red List for Species lists 2355 species as threatened, while 2,320 alien species have been reported in Norway, of which about a tenth are on the Norwegian Black List.

The observations system has contributed to our knowledge of the prevalence and incidence of many red-and blacklisted species.

Free for all to use

All data in the Species Observations system (observations and visual documentation) may be used freely by anyone. However, the person who reports the sighting owns and administrates his or her own observations.