The odonates is an order of predominantly large, predatory insects tied to freshwater habitats.

They have incomplete metamorphosis, and the aquatic nymphs live mostly in stagnant or slow-moving water where they feed on a range of invertebrates and small vertebrates. The imagines are terrestrial; they have two pairs of wings, a very long abdomen, and a large head with large compound eyes. They are excellent aerial acrobats, and spend much of their time in the air in search for prey or partners. Odonates usually stay close to water, but they can also be found in habitats further from water. Many species are known to migrate over long distances. The two major odonate suborders are the damselflies (Zygoptera), and the dragonflies (Anisoptera). The damselflies are generally smaller and of a more slender build than the dragonflies. In rest, damselflies gather the wings together above the abdomen, whereas dragonflies rest with the wings pointing out to the sides.

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