Species online is the english edition of "Arter på nett"; the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Center's solution for identification keys, descriptions, images, film and other information on species and species groups. Datasets in english are presented here.

Plants and fungi

  • | Arne Aronsen

Bonnet mushrooms Mycena

Mycena (Pers.) Roussel is a large genus of small saprotrophic mushrooms which comprises approximately 500 species, widely distributed in the world. It is a polyphyletic genus where comprehensive molecular analyses are needed to clarify the infrageneric classification and species circumscriptions. About 100 species have been recorded in Norway.


  • | Arnstein Staverløkk | Artsdatabanken

Chrysididae Latreille, 1802

The Chrysididae are a group of cleptoparasitic and parasitoid aculeate wasps with a large number of rare and endangered species. The taxonomy of this group has long been confusing due to the similarity of species and extensive intraspecific variation.

  • | Manuel Antonio E. Malaquias

Bubble shells Cephalaspidea

Cephalaspidea is an Order of marine gastropods molluscs with approximately 650 living species worldwide. The systematic composition of the group comprises 12 families and about 40–50 genera worldwide. The first studies about these molluscs in Norway date back to the first half of the 19th century and presently (2014) it is estimated that between 40 to 45 species occur in the country.

  • | Malin Strand


Nemerteans are vermiform animals with long, slender, soft, and contractile bodies covered by a ciliated epidermis. The name Nemertea is associated with the Greek seanymph Nemertes – daughter to Nereus, the God of Seas, and his wife Doris. In common, they are called “Ribbonworms”, referring to their ribbon- or threadlike looks.