Alien species are species that have been spread as a result of human activities to areas where they do not belong naturally. Some of them are invasive and pose a threat to Norway’s biodiversity.

By displacing native species and disrupting ecosystems, alien species may have the ability to alter Norway’s natural environment. This is particularly true for the more than 1,180 alien species that are able to reproduce in Norway.

What is the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre doing about this?

NBIC is responsible for assessing the ecological impact of the alien species that have been found in Norway, and to provide an overview of alien species in the country.

NBIC updates its list of all alien species every five years. At the same time, the Centre conducts a comprehensive impact assessment of species that are able to reproduce in the country. This work is carried out by expert groups on behalf of the Centre.

The last update of the alien species list and associated assessment of ecological impact was undertaken in 2012. The assessment used a newly developed semi-quantitative method. You can read more about the method and the results here, or in the NBIC’s publication “Alien species in Norway – with the Norwegian Black List 2012.”